Open positions in the MSU-PDA: volunteer to serve our postdoc community!

MSU-PDA Steering Committee 

Open positions for 2020-2021

  • Communications & Digital Presence Committee: 1 position (member)
  • Social Committee: 5 positions (1 chair + 4 members)

Membership on the MSU-PDA Steering Committee is a voluntary one-year commitment. However, a Steering Committee member may choose to end their participation in the MSU-PDA Steering Committee at any time, without any consequence or repercussion to themselves.

MSU-PDA Steering Committee Members are expected to attend monthly meetings, whether it is in-person or virtually, and will be granted access to shared cloud storage where they are expected to keep all files and folders up-to-day and all materials confidential.

Roles & Responsibilities

The duties of the Communications & Digital Presence Committee include:

  • Working with the MSU-OPA to maintain and update the MSU-PDA pages on the MSU-OPA-run website (
  • Maintaining and updating the MSU-PDA social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Managing the email account.
  • Gathering content for, producing, and distributing the MSU-PDA Weekly Update and MSU-PDA quarterly newsletter.
  • Collaborating with the other standing committees to communicate and share relevant information to the MSU postdoc community.

The duties of the Social Committee include:

  • Planning, coordinating, advertising, and attending monthly social events for MSU postdocs and their families with the goal of generating a sense of community. 

We are also looking for individuals to serve as Department Liaisons.

Membership as a Department Liaison is a voluntary one-year commitment. However, members may choose to end their participation at any time, without any consequence or repercussion to themselves. Department Liaisons are not expected to attend Steering Committee meetings.

The duties of the Department Liaisons include:

  • Relaying information shared by the MSU-PDA to their departments and encourage postdocs within their department(s) to participate in MSU-PDA events.
  • Informing the MSU-PDA Steering Committee of any concerns/issues/updates from postdocs with their department(s).

If you have any questions or are interested in serving in any of these positions, please email the MSU-PDA Steering Committee ( with

  • your name,
  • your department,
  • which position you are interested in.

For more information about the MSU-PDA please review our Bylaws.