Become a Writer for the Spotlights of the MSU-PDA

Become a Writer for the Spotlights of the MSU Postdoctoral Association

We all have a story to tell, and sometimes, all we need is someone to tell it to…

Do you have a passion for writing and storytelling? Maybe you never had the chance to write anything other than a research paper but would like to try something new?

Either way – you can now volunteer to become writer for the Spotlights of the MSU-PDA!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I volunteer to become a writer?

Fill out the interest form “Become a Writer” below to express your interest. Anne-Sophie Bohrer, who originated this initiative, will contact you to schedule a time to discuss. After that initial meeting, you will be in charge of your project but will be guided throughout the whole process.

How does the interview process go?

If you know a postdoc from your lab, your department or your group of friends, that would like to share their achievements, you can offer them to be featured in Spotlights. If you don’t have a contact, we will provide one for you!

You will schedule an interview with them over Zoom – make sure to record it to take notes later. You will then transcribe your conversation and send it to the person you interviewed for edits and approval. We will finally take care of publishing your work.

Which questions should I ask?

A few questions will be provided to you. We suggest you come up with a few questions too, to make this interview your own!

Keep in mind that Spotlights is a platform created to share the achievements of MSU postdocs and emphasize the value of their contribution to the mission of the University. Our goal is also to get to know each other and foster a vibrant postdoc community at MSU. The best questions would be the ones you would like to be asked!

How much time will it take?

Overall, we estimate this project to take 6-7 hours, which includes – initial meeting, logistics, interview, writing process, review and edits. A timeline will be discussed to keep you on track, and you can always check-in with Anne-Sophie if needed!

I am not interested in writing but I have some big news to share! How should I let you know?

Fill out the interest form “I Have Something to Share!” below and we will get back to you!

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